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18 OTT Apps Banned: The government banned these 18 apps showing obscene videos

18 OTT Apps Banned
___________18 OTT Apps Banned

18 OTT Apps Banned: You might have heard recently about the inappropriate videos that are spreading online. The government tried to stop it by warning some apps several times, but they did nothing about it. So, last Thursday, the central government “has decided to ban those apps and websites which show bad things. They took this decision during a meeting at the Union Information Ministry on March 12.

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18 OTT Apps Banned: The main reason for doing so is to prevent the spreading of obscenity in the name of entertainment on OTT platforms and social media. For your information, along with 18 OTT platforms, the government has also banned 19 websites, 10 apps, and 57 social media accounts.

Why were 18 OTT Apps banned?

18 OTT Apps Banned:  The government shared a report saying that the things shown on those OTT platforms and social media were really bad. They warned those apps about it, but they did nothing to fix it. So, On March 12, during a meeting at the Union Information Ministry, they decided to ban those apps and accounts forever. The central government shared the list of banned apps yesterday, Thursday, March 14.

18 OTT Apps Banned
___________18 OTT Apps Banned

It is being told by the Union Information Ministry that the banned apps and social media platforms used to upload obscene, insulting women and content against Indian culture.

Which OTT Apps are banned?

18 OTT Apps Banned:  The Government of India, through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has taken a decisive step by banning 18 OTT platforms and websites known for sharing explicit videos and images. This action is to prevent the spread of inappropriate content online. This reflects the Government’s commitment to a safe digital environment for all. These 18 OTT platforms and Apps include: 

  • Dreams Films
  • Voovi
  • Yessma
  • Uncut Adda
  • Tri Flicks
  • X Prime
  • Neon X VIP
  • MoodX
  • Besharams
  • Hunters
  • Rabbit
  • Xtramood
  • Nuefliks
  • Mojflix
  • Hot Shots VIP
  • Fugi
  • Chikooflix
  • Prime Play

Let us tell you that among the banned OTT apps, one app has been downloaded 1 crore times on Google Play Store, and two such apps have been downloaded 50 lakh times, these apps share their obscene content on their social media accounts.

In this article, we have shared all the information related to 18 OTT Apps Banned and why they were banned. If you liked the information given in this article, then do let us know by commenting and sharing it on your social media account.

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