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PM in Kashmir---A beautiful visit: Who is Kashmir's Nazim who impressed PM Narendra Modi and got a selfie?

Nazim, the lucky man in the selfie with PM Narendra Modi, is a proud beneficiary of the Viksit Bharat program.

PM in Kashmir
PM Narendra Modi in a selfi with Kashmir's Nazim

On Thursday during PM in Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a selfie with his new ‘friend’ Nazim and praised him for the impressive work. The sudden selfie request during a public meeting delighted the Prime Minister. In a tweet during his first visit to Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019, PM Modi wished Nazim all the best for his future endeavors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi brightened the day and gave a boost to personal ties by sharing a delightful selfie with Nazim during his visit to Kashmir. The snapshot radiates warmth against the backdrop of important national events.

PM in Kashmir
The Prime Minister shared a selfie of himself with the Nazim of Kashmir on X.

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"Nazim Nazir of Pulwama: Unveiling the entrepreneur behind Al Nahal Honey"--PM in Kashmir

Nazim, a proud beneficiary of the Vikas Bharat program, joined the Prime Minister at PM Modi’s transformative event in Jammu and Kashmir. Sharing his entrepreneurial journey in the honey business, Nazim spoke about his beginnings during 10th grade in 2018. With just two boxes of bees on his rooftop, Nazim’s story unfolded, capturing the essence of his remarkable journey.

PM in Kashmir: Inspired by his growing passion for beekeeping, Nazim delved into online research. In 2019, he secured 50% subsidy from the government for 25 bee boxes, which yielded 75 kg of honey. Starting with sales in villages, he earned ₹60,000 and expanded to 200 boxes. Using PMEGP, Nazim received ₹5 lakh, which enabled him to launch his website in 2020.

PM in Kashmir: With his brand gaining recognition, Nazim proudly talks about selling 5,000 kg of honey in 2023. With this success, Nazim expanded his team to include at least 100 individuals. Notably, his company has also entered into a follow-on public offer (FPO), which is an important milestone in his entrepreneurial journey.

''Nazim ji, you are leading sweet revolution'': PM Modi

PM in Kashmir: During the conversation in the program, PM Modi inquired about Nazim’s childhood aspirations. Nazim said that his parents’ goal was to become a doctor or engineer, yet he chose a different path. Appreciating Nazim’s choice, PM Modi lauded him for leading Kashmir’s sweet revolution, praising his family for recognizing his unique potential.

“This is a completely new sector. Because bees help in farming also. So your work helps other farmers,” PM Modi said.

“I want to thank the entire administration for this event and then choosing me for an interaction with the Prime Minister. My message to those who want to start their businesses is to start small and nothing can stop you. There is no shortcut to success. You will have to work hard. When I started, there were only a few schemes, but now there are so many schemes from the government,” Nazim said.

“The prime minister asked me about my journey, he asked me some questions as well. Then I requested him for a selfie and that moment was joyful for that honorable prime minister agreed to a selfie,” Nazim said.

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