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Unveiling Scams: The Dark Side of Plukon Application's Financial Deception

Plukon application
Unveiling Scams: The Dark Side of Plukon Application's Financial Deception

As concerns grow over digital applications promising substantial returns, the Plucon Application in Jammu and Kashmir, India has emerged as a dubious player in the financial sector. Luring users with over 250% returns within 40 days. This blog post exposes Plucon’s complex web of fraudulent schemes. Drawing parallels with the recent Curative Survey Application scam of more than 250 crore rupees in Jammu and Kashmir, we highlight the alarming rise of fraudulent practices in the digital landscape.

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Understanding the Plukon Application's Scheme

Initial Investments and Returns:

  • Users are encouraged to invest varying amounts, starting from as low as 560 rupees, with the promise of astronomical returns.
  • For instance, a 560-rupee investment is touted to yield a 180% return within 40 days, and the invested amount remains within the application, tempting users to reinvest in higher projects.

Escalating Investment Tiers:

plukon application
  • Plukon strategically introduces escalating investment tiers, each promising higher returns within the same 40-day timeframe.
  • A 2500-rupee investment allegedly yields a return of 5040, marking an over 200% increase in just 40 days.

Luring Users with Lucrative Returns:

As users move further into the fraudulent scheme of the Plucon application, the stakes increase as the amount of investment increases. For example, a significant investment of Rs 45000 can turn into a staggering sum of Rs 122130 within the specified 40-day period.

Do you believe this is possible? This is just the beginning and they’ll vanish from the market as and when they get the highest possible amount of money from you and me.  This alarming development reveals a calculated fraud. It preys on unsuspecting individuals, emphasizing the urgent need for increased awareness and caution in the digital investment landscape.

The Curative Survey Application Parallels

This reflects a pattern seen in the Jammu and Kashmir Curative Survey Scam involving a scam of more than  Rs 250 crore rupees. These deceptive schemes, including the fraudulent model of the Plukon Application, lure users with the promise of fast and substantial returns.

The shocking scam underlines the prevalence of this exploitative pattern, posing a significant risk to unsuspecting users investing their hard-earned money.

Operational Mechanism of Scam Applications

plukon application

False Promises and Project Upgrades

  • Plukon, like its fraudulent counterparts, manipulates users by making false promises of high returns within an unrealistically short timeframe. As you can see in the image given above where investing 75000 thousand rupees gives a whooping return of more than 280 % in just 40 odd days. If you see such a thing anywhere, just run away from it and don’t get tempted by high returns.
  • The application baits users with the prospect of reinvesting their earnings into higher projects, trapping them further into the web of deception.

Pyramid Structure and Inviting New Users

  • Scam applications often employ a pyramid structure, encouraging existing users to invite new ones with the promise of additional rewards.
  • Plukon, for example, rewards users handsomely for inviting new members who invest in any project, creating a cycle of recruitment that contributes to the scam’s perpetuation.

Plukon Application's "Customer service"

plukon application

Highlighting the depth of Plucon’s financial deception, their non-functional customer service menu raises red flags, leaving users without any recourse. What is shocking is that all operations are broadcasted through WhatsApp groups.

This lack of transparent communication intensifies concerns about the legitimacy of Plukon, emphasizing the need for extreme caution in navigating the dangerous terrain of digital financial schemes. 

The Financial Sector's Battle Against Scams

While regulatory bodies and financial institutions work tirelessly to curb such scams, the dynamic nature of digital platforms makes it challenging to stay ahead of fraudulent schemes. The onus is on users to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in any application that promises extraordinary returns.


Plucon Application and similar scam applications capitalize on the desire for quick money, preying on unsuspecting individuals who wish to increase their financial well-being. Users need to remain vigilant, question unrealistic promises, and report suspicious activities to protect themselves and others from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes.

As we move into the digital age, awareness and caution remain our strongest defense against financial scams that threaten the financial security of many


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