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Upcoming BYD Electric SUVs in India: Specifications, milage and price range

BYD electric
___________Upcoming BYD Electric SUVs in India: Specifications, milage and price range

BYD Electric:  China’s popular automobile manufacturer BYD is working on a plan to launch its SUVs in India. For information, let us tell you that the BYD brand is known for selling the maximum number of electric cars in the world, in BYD Seal was recently launched in India also. Which got very good support.

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Upcoming Electric SUVs of BYD

BYD Electric: If you are planning to buy an electric car in a good range at an affordable price, then these Upcoming Electric SUVs of BYD can be a good option for you. China’s popular vehicle manufacturer BYD has made full preparations to launch EVs in India in the next few months. The names of SEAL U, Seal Lion, and BYD Tang are included in this list.

What is the company's plan?

BYD Electric: For information, let us tell you that BYD is now considering India as very beneficial for the sale of its cars because BYD’s recently launched BYD Seal has been liked a lot in India, after which the company has launched its 3 more cars in India. Work has started on launching the SUV. If reports are to be believed, BYD wants to control up to 85% of the Indian automobile market. However, to directly compete with BYD in India, the Indian giant Tata Motors is already firmly established.

To assemble electric cars in India, brands have to pay only 5% tax to the government, whereas, on the contrary, the government collects up to 28% tax on assembling regular cars with ICE engines. Due to this, the demand for electric cars in India is increasing rapidly, to take advantage of this, BYD is expanding its presence in India.

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BYD's current electric cars

BYD Electric: BYD is the largest seller of electric cars not only in the country but in the entire world, which is also known for selling the maximum number of electric cars. It also has a lot of influence in India, its BYD seal was launched in India, and more than 200 units were booked in just 24 hours. The ex-showroom price of this car starts from Rs 41 lakh and goes up to Rs 53 lakh for the top model. Booking of BYD Seal is a minimum of Rs 1.25 lakh.

For information, let us tell you that BYD Seal is the third car of its brand which was launched in India. Earlier, the company’s Atto 3 SUV and E6 MPV have been listed for sale in India.

BYD electric
___________BYD seal

Upcoming Electric SUV Overview

FeaturesSEAL USeaL LionBYD Tang
Range520 km and 605 km225 km/h515 km
Price41-53L23-29L28 lakh
Battery73.0 kWh390 kW82.8 kWh
Top Speed175 km/h.225 km/h180 km/h
Launching Date05/03/242 March 2024Available

__________Upcoming Electric SUV Overview


BYD Electric: In this blog, we have given information about Upcoming Electric SUVs of BYD, the source of which is Google and news media. Although we have written this article carefully, if any kind of error is found in it, then you can inform us about it. You can share this article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which company’s electric cars are sold the most?
    China’s popular company BYD is recognized for selling the largest number of electric cars in the world. Which has now launched many of its SUVs in India.

2. BYD Tang Price In India?
      If you want to buy BYD Tang, then you will need around Rs 28 lakh for it.

3. BYD is a company of which country?
     BYD is a very popular vehicle manufacturing company in China. Which is especially known for electric cars.


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